New Styles Designing
Pattern Drafting
Main Production
200,000  Pieces of Monthly Output
Quality Guarantee

ODM/OEM Customizing


  • The customer provides the product style, then the designer of our company designs the rendering according to this style. The customer chooses the fabric, and then the sample is produced by our company sample room. Once the customer is happy with the product we provide a quote for the bulk order.  The customer then places the order for the quantity they would like.
  • OR
  • Our company provides samples of products that have already been designed. Customers then choose the quantity, size etc and enter an order.


D&J Fashion ODM Clothing Manufacturing Process



  • The customer provides the sample. We then recreate this product according to the customer's requirements. Once the customer approves the sample they then enter an order.
  • OR
  • The customer designs the renderings and selects the fabric and our company sample room conducts the proofing. The customer then submits approval and enters an order


D&J Fashion OEM Clothing Manufacturing Process


Proofing fee


Free Sampling ----- The pre-paid fee of $55 / section + cloth (auxiliary) material costs, will befully refunded after the order is placed.